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The KJJC-TV Network is your source for awesome classic TV from the MeTV Network!, And, we also air music videos, extreme sports, movies, contemporary issues and much, much, more on our digital sub-channels! We're here for YOU 24/7...watch us on TV or online, and click below to let us know how we can pray for you!


Great news! Hillsong Channel is
ON THE AIR on KJJC 16.5, in Helena on KJCX 7.5, and also in Bangor, Maine, on 18.7!


Billings viewers...TBN and the Hillsong Channel will be on the air in Billings soon!



JUCEtv is ON THE AIR on many Mid-Rivers Cable systems in eastern Montana and on 3 Rivers Cable in central Montana!



PO Box 7393

Helena, MT   59604


Tel: 800-413-1942



We're proud to bring America's #1 Classic TV network to Montana!


Tune in MeTV Big Sky Country on each of our TV stations, and on select cable TV syatems around central and eastern Montana!

KJJC-TV's MeTV programming is now available to vieiwers in Great Falls & north central Montana on DISH Network channel 16!

Welcome to all of our new friends watching MeTV on DISH Network!

Viewers in north central Montana are watching MeTV and JUCEtv on

3 Rivers Communications!

3 Rivers Communications subscribers can now tune in MeTV on Channel 22, and great Christian msic videos, movies, reality shows and more on JUCEtv Channel 23!


Great Falls, MT  -  KJJC-TV

     16.1     MeTV          16.4     Smile of A Child

     16.2     JUCEtv         16.5    Hillsong Channel

     16.3     TBN

Helena, MT  -  KJJC-TV

     7.1     MeTV               7.4     Smile of A Child

     7.2     JUCEtv              7.5     Hillsong Channel

     7.3     TBN

Billings, MT  -  KINV-TV

     14.1     MeTV            14.4     Smile of A Child

     14.2     Daystar        14.5     TBN

     14.3     JUCEtv          14.6     Hillsong Channel

 Bangor, ME  -  WCKD-TV

     18.4          JUCEtv

     18.5          TBN

     18.6          Smile of A Child

     18.7          Hillsong Channel

DISH Network - MeTV

  247   Great Falls / north-central Montana


Mid-Rivers Cable - MeTV

     16   Miles City               9   Winnett

       8   Lewistown              9   Ryegate

       9   Jordan                     9   Lavina

       9   Roundup


   110   Miles City - Digital

   110   Lewistown - Digital 


Charter Cable - MeTV

     4     Great Falls

     4     Havre


Mid-Rivers Cable - JUCEtv

      97   Miles City

      97   Lewistown


    111   Miles City - Digital

    111   Lewistown - Digital

3 Rivers Communications - MeTV

      22   Fairfield


3 Rivers Communications - JUCEtv

      23   Fairfield

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