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A Message From Faith & Family TV

Thank you for stopping by our website!


Faith & Family TV is a ministry of Red Rock Capital Corporation, a Montana-based, non-profit organization which was organized for the purpose of reaching

people like you with the message and hope of Jesus Christ!


Life is not always an easy thing to go through, or to understand. That's pretty obvious if you live in Montana...we have the highest rate of suicide of any of the 50 states!


You don't have to look very far to see that there is a profound lack of hope among a lot of people...maybe you know someone in your family, a friend from work or school...maybe it's YOU who has had it with life, and you don't know what to do.


Maybe you haven't found life to be all that great an experience, or maybe it's not that bad but your life just isn't really heading anywhere good.




God desires for you to have a life of meaning, purpose, and value. He desires that you be blessed, and that your life blesses others. He has a plan for you, and He even said so in His word, the Bible!


The way to get started figuring this out is to come to Jesus Christ...He is the way to God. You can meet up with Him by clicking over to ChatAboutJesus.com and talking with someone about who Jesus is, and what it means to become one of His own.


We also invite you to use our free resources...that's why we're here...to help you get to know Jesus, and to learn and mature as one of His own!


Watch Faith & Family TV...you'll learn a lot about God, Jesus, and how to relate to them, and you'll have fun, too!


In addition to our television stations, we sometimes do LIVE events...just keep checking this website for details.


And, we offer some awesome online resources, like our Life Builder App for iPhones and Android devices.


I use the Life Builder App on my iPhone to do my daily Bible reading...and, I use the "Favorites" and "Journal" features to keep track of the most helpful verses and thoughts as I read each day...it's an awesome app! And, we offer it to you for free!


I'm praying that you will come to know Jesus Christ, and really get to know Him...you can't imagine how much your life can change when this happens! It happened to me, and that's why I have dedicated my life to telling you and others about Jesus Christ!


Drop us a note through the Contact Form on this website if we can help you!


Love In Christ,

Roger Lonnquist

Roger Lonnquist

Founder, Faith & Family TV

Our Philosophy
  • A life without Christ is a life that's never fixed

  • Those of us who know Him need to share His priceless message of hope

  • TV & online media are the most powerful way to tell a story, that's why we're here!

  • You must make the most important decision of your life...whether or not you will invite God into your life...we're here to help you! Contact us if you need anything and we'll help!

Our Goal

Faith & Family TV was founded in response to a need...the need for teens and young adults to be reached with the message of Christ.


Our goal is to use our TV stations, online media, iPhone App, and any tool God gives us to proclaim His message of hope throughout Montana and to, on a daily basis, invite every person we connect with to receive Jesus Christ into their life!

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